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I don’t know about you, but I’m always nothing short of impressed when I see these new updates from Richard Ells of Electroneum.
I have many different altcoins that just sit and fester (Though Electroneum does the same most times), but I always have a certain belief deep down that something special is been created with Electroneum.

You can see it slowly as the building blocks are created in the background, where every month little snippets of news keep been released and on their own they look pretty insignificant,


but if you start patching them together you can actually see how it’s meshing into the super creation that we all hope it will be for mass adoption.

First it was the addition of Michael Stollaire to the technical team (Yeah whatever, what’s that going to bring), well only a who’s who of contacts, that instantly means that Electroneum can sneak their foot into any door that they require to enter and negotiate with.

Also with Michaels influence this will bring opportunities for addition to larger crypto Exchanges, with this brings volume,

With volume brings price rise hopefully, but it does mean that more people will see it in the shop window and if the positive vibes keep going, then they are more likely to invest in it.

So there’s part one of the building block, where are we moving on to next?

Surely the agreement with the large US mobile and payments technology provider (XIUS) was a great move in the next step.
What did that bring? Well it brought access to over 65 Million subscribers in Latin America,

Where their reach and specialist payment processing capabilities will be looking to integrate Electroneum as a payment method across Latin America.

This could be great for Electroneum once the mobile mining app is fully commissioned and operable, as it will create a currency for those who don’t have great incomes, to offset phone costs through mining the ETN.

You’re really starting to see the phone connection growing now aren’t you? Bearing in mind Richard has been smart with his choice here.

Look at the total world population, it’s estimated that up to the end of 2017 we had a number of over 7.6 Billion humans inhabiting the earth. Of that 7.6 Billion, approximately 4.8 Billion are mobile phone users.

That’s over 50% of the world’s population that you are effectively opening to your market place (Technology of phone obviously restricts this),

but as aforementioned. If the purchasing of the mobile phone could be leveraged via the mining of ETN,

then there’s a possibility that users of older type technology phones will be tempted to upgrade due to the price covered from mining. (There’s no flies on you Richard!)

This is where we come to his next stage of instalments that are more recent.

In early February 2018 GSMA announced that ‘Electroneum’ is the first ever crypto currency to become one of its members among other big hitters such as:Airbnb, HP, Samsung, Cisco, Microsoft, Sky etc… the list goes on

SMA, which represents the interests of mobile operators across the world and counts nearly 800 operators among its members, runs the Mobile World Congress events.

These events showcase the latest in mobile and payments technologies, especially those with the potential to create a better future.
GSMA stated:

“Electroneum (ETN) is the perfect first cryptocurrency to become a member of GSMA and exhibit at its famous conference – its technology and strategy entirely revolves around mobile.

The Electroneum mobile mining app will allow any user with a smartphone, anywhere in the world, to get involved and begin earning cryptocurrency at the touch of a button.

The team behind the coin is working on giving these users a way to spend their earnings by partnering with mobile providers, several of whom have already agreed to formally begin the process of accepting ETN as payment for mobile data.”


Well if you have a world mobile organisation talking about you like that, then surely that can be a key start to achieve mass worldwide adoption.

Only today (12-02-18) Electroneum have again made another great release where they have told us that they have partnered with the fully regulated Japanese exchange (QUOINE).

Obviously you will all have heard the FUD news recently with regards to regulations and clamp downs in the Asian crypto market,

so again this is a shot in the arm to show that ETN wants to break into new markets an show that they believe in opportunities within that area.

Where China and a lot of Asia are some of the largest investors and users of crypto currencies where; The Japanese government has officially recognised digital currencies as means of payment. where many merchants use it for transaction within their business too.

Again during this QUOINE announcement, Richard lets slip of the possibility for other opportunities in the near future, that will just form parts for the building blocks to success.

“This is a great step for Electroneum. Not only will it allow our users to deposit USD or EUROs to trade ETN, but QUOINE sponsoring us through the regulatory process with the Japanese Financial Services Authority will open up exciting new corporate opportunities.”

The one thing that I have noticed about Richard throughout the whole process, from ICO to current point in time, is that he has no form of selfishness to make a fast buck.


I really feel that he wants to make a difference to human existence via the use of Electroneum, where he stated during the QUOINE brief that:

“This listing further cements Electroneum’s strategic position as a currency that is focused on long-term sustainable growth rather than instant returns.”

During the process of writing this blog, I have been doing a little bit of research and I came across an interesting breakdown on YouTube from a Vlogger called ‘Lit Crypto’.

This guy had a great breakdown of how he sees Electroneum gaining momentum in the upcoming months.
My final say on Electroneum is keep been positive, Richard knows what he’s doing.

For every set back put in his way, he seems to take three ginormous steps forward, so all we need to do is just keep on trusting him, been supportive with the brand, sit back and enjoy the ride upwards.

Thanks for reading this guys and girls, it’s appreciated!


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