Is Electroneum The Next Bitcoin


Why Is Electroneum The Cryptocurrency With The Best Future?

This cryptocurrency news spells huge advantages for you.Keep reading to find out how Electroneum helps you as a regular guy, investor/business owner, or hardcore gamer.

1. Eliminates the complexity of other cryptocurrencies

I’m not surprised by the fact that most people don’t bother to figure out cryptocurrencies. I can’t blame the masses; cryptocurrencies are hard.This is what’s actually preventing cryptocurrencies from mass adoption.

Imagine sending a small amount of cash, $100 for example, to your family. If you use Bitcoin, $100 has a BTC value of 0.017526. Doesn’t look very friendly at all!

Electroneum is much easier to understand because of its two decimal places.

2. Instantly mine and use cryptocurrency to buy

For individuals to mine Electroneum coins, all they need is a simple free app. People no longer need to purchase an expensive mining rig.

If you didn’t know, mining for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum requires a lot of computing power.

This is the first time that a smartphone app has been developed for mining. What’s more, the Electroneum app doesn’t consume a lot of bandwidth.

After you download the app, you can mine instantly with the app running in the background. A simple QR scanning is also done with sending and receiving payments.

Send and receive Electroneum coins using a wallet such as Coinbase.You can check their technical white paper if you’d like to see how the team at Electroneum made this mining process very convenient.

3. Faster transactions as the currency is transferred

Bitcoin and altcoin users always deal with slower transactions. There was a time when some users on Reddit complained that they waited for about an hour.

The waiting time for Bitcoin is around 10 minutes while altcoins may take 5 minutes. Slow processing times are starting to become the “new normal.”In the case of Electroneum, their team made sure that the 2.2 billion mobile users can complete very fast transactions.

You’ll be able to instantly make transfers from game to game or send money to your friends. Personally, I think this is a huge plus. I know how important it is for mobile users to complete their transactions right from their phone.

Since people on mobile are doing something while using the coins (they’re riding a bus or shopping), a smooth experience is more than necessary.

If you can remember, speed is a critical factor for mobile.

4. Safe payments

Skeptical people and Bitcoin users whose wallets were hacked in the past are concerned with security. This is one problem that has prompted these people to search for safer altcoins.

One thing that differentiates Elctroneum from other digital currencies is its level of security.

Electroneum prevents the hacking of your wallet. You can actually create as many offline wallets as you like to ensure that your money is untraceable.Also, everyone can create their offline wallets free of charge. They can easily manage all these offline wallets on their smartphone.

5. Better positioned for the future

I’ve been reading cryptocurrency news and following Electroneum on Twitter. It’s actually been getting a ton of attention, which I think is a good indicator for success.

Two prominent people who’ve invested in Electroneum Tweeted their enthusiasm for the new coin: First, founder and CEO of RocketSpace, Duncan Logan

6. Available now at a very low rate

So you’re simply looking for something to invest in that won’t cost you much. Consider Electroneum an attractive choice now.

Why invest in other cryptocurrency coins? Bitcoin used to cost $0.08 in 2010. Now, you’ll have to pay at least $5,000 for a single Bitcoin. Ethereum is around $301.76 per coin.

As early as now, invest in ETN coins while they’re extremely affordable. They’re having a crowdsale ICO and I believe their 10% discount is still up.I’ve invested in Electroneum myself and have about 53,138 coins in my wallet. I’d love to see you profit with me. 😉

Hopefully, this review of Electroneum will satisfy your need to make money in the future without taking a huge risk today. Good luck!


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